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Skills based training courses

Confidence and skills in call handling from the outset are the building blocks for an effective helpline in terms of delivery, staff retention and service user satisfaction.

We have created a three-stage training programme, designed to be done in sequence, to enable you to develop the skills and understanding you need to respond to the needs and challenges of the people who contact your service.


Level 1 – Essential Helpline Skills

programmeEssential Helpline Skills is a foundation level course, recommended for those who are new to helplines or are looking to refresh their knowledge in the fundamentals. This is a skills-based course that will give you the tools you need to confidently respond to calls to your helpline.

Level 2 – Developing Helpline Skills

programmeDeveloping Helpline Skills is recommended for helpline workers, volunteers and call handlers who have completed the Level 1- Essential Helpline Skills course and have some prior helpline experience. This course will give you the skills to understand challenging calls, how to respond and engage using empathic listening whilst maintaining appropriate professional boundaries.

Level 3 – Advanced Helpline Skills

programmeAdvanced Helpline Skills is recommended for helpline workers, volunteers and call handlers who have completed both the Essential Helpline Skills and Developing Helpline Skills courses and want to further develop their skills. This is a skills-based course that will build on your helpline experience and support you to effectively respond to emotional, angry and repeat callers to your service. Participants will also receive a top-level introduction to suicidal callers and safeguarding.

Digital Helpline Skills

programmeDigital based support such as email or webchat, requires a different approach, understanding and techniques to verbal helpline skills. Whether your service already offers, or is considering digital based channels, this training provides vital insights on how to respond to service users effectively through written communication. Through practical exercises and exploring best practice for each channel, you can ensure your service users receive high quality, consistent delivery across all channels.

19th Sep 2019
26th Nov 2019
11th Feb 2020
5th Mar 2020
10th Mar 2020
19th Mar 2020

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