About Us

Helplines Partnership is the membership body for organisations that provide helpline services in the UK and internationally. We facilitate high quality service delivery to callers by providing services, including training, contact solutions, a Helplines Standard , tailored support and information resources. We raise the profile of the sector by representing our members' interests and influencing the social policy agenda. We give providers of helpline services a voice to help them build sustainability and promote excellence, choice and accessibility for everyone.

Helplines Partnership's primary objective is to be responsive to our members' needs and achieve our vision for the future:
Promoting excellence through multi-channel* communications enabling everyone to make informed life choices.

Our Mission

Helplines Partnership aims to enhance quality, choice and access for everyone and increase the recognition and sustainability of the help-services sector.

Our Aims

We aim to monitor and develop our services in response to the needs of users, members and the wider sector. The face of help-services and user communication is constantly changing and evolving through technology and other factors within society.


We are committed to service excellence for our users and members. We build frameworks of best practice to support our members to deliver, develop and sustain effective help-services.


We support our members in their aim to offer choice in how their users can access their services.


We strive to build our own, and our members’ capacity by ensuring we maintain appropriate competencies and robust resource management.


We seek to ensure services are readily and feely available across the diverse needs of our members and their users.


We work within a sound governance framework to ensure the interests of our members and their callers are safeguarded at all times.

Helplines Partnership’s core values have been developed to guide the way we want to work, manage our business, and deliver our services. They provide the foundation for our staff when responding to members, users, partners and stakeholders.

Our Values:


Confirming our commitment to value and excellence


Affirming our enthusiasm for what we do


Upholding our commitment to honesty and sound work principles


Emphasising our motivation and determination to succeed


Committing ourselves to fairness and equality

Helplines Partnership is committed to inspiring our members with the same ethos and building a connected, responsive and sustainable help-sector.

* Multi-channel communications encompass any remote communication support provided to users by a help-service, including: phone, text, web-based instant messaging and social media.

You can find out more about ourĀ mental health helplineĀ members.