Helpline Membership

Helpline membership is available to organisations involved in providing multi-channel support to the public or a specific sector with the aim of improving an individual's wellbeing.

Join hundreds of Helplines Partnership members and increase the voice of the sector.

Member Benefits

Every organisation that helps people over the phone, via text or on-line can benefit from joining Helplines Partnership  

Membership Types

Whatever type of non face-to-face support your organisation provides, there is a membership package to suit you.

Introduce a Member

Do you know another helpline who would benefit from joining Helplines Partnership? As a current member you would qualify for a 10%* reduction in your membership fee. Introduce two new members and we’ll double the discount to 20%*.

Membership Fees

Terms & Conditions

Membership Application

Submission of this application form confirms you have read and agree to the Helplines Partnership Membership Terms and Conditions