Helplines Training Discount


Helpline Workers Training Discount with hands holding a pound symbol

What is the Helplines Training Discount?

The Helplines Training Discount allows you to save money on your training when you book three or more training places. These could be three places on the same training course or three different courses.

How does the Helplines Training Discount work?

The bookings must all be made at the same time, in a single transaction or booking. You might choose to book a single participant on three different courses or three participants on a single course.

The Helplines Training Discount can only be used by each organisation once in every 12 month period and applies to a maximum of three places, any other places booked will be at the standard rate.

How much will I save by using the Helplines Training Discount?

The Helplines Training Discount gives you a 10% discount on training bookings.

We used the Helplines Training Discount. The money we saved on buying six sessions of training helped us to pay for additional IT equipment for our helpline.
- Opoka-Bristol

Which training can I use the Helplines Training Discount for?

You can use the Helplines Training Discount for all our online and face to face courses

You can not use it for our onsite and virtual onsite training sessions.

How do I use the Helplines Training Discount?

If you would like to book three or more courses to receive the 10% discount you need to either phone us on: 0300 330 7777 or email us [email protected]

The Helplines Training Discount is available to Helplines Partnership members and to non-member organisations too.