Helpline Products

Callers expect helplines to provide confidential, high quality and affordable ways to access them. Ideally they should offer a variety of contact channels so that callers have a choice depending on their circumstances.

We have worked with helpline telecoms specialists and the regulator, Ofcom to develop a range of solutions specific to the needs of helplines. We also lobby to protect the interests of helplines in the face of regulatory changes and other external factors.

Payphone Access Charge

BT waives the Payphone Access Charge (PAC) for Helplines Partnership members in the voluntary sector who operate their helplines on free to caller numbers. The potential saving to helplines is substantial as it currently costs 70p per minute for calls from BT payphones, and this will have a significant impact… Read More

Helpline Freephone Range

Helplines Partnership (HLP) offers a dedicated range of freephone numbers that are exclusively available for helplines. HLP is authorised by Ofcom to operate the Helpline Freephone Range (HFR) scheme which provides confidentiality for vulnerable callers and removes cost barriers that could prevent them from accessing helplines. HFR numbers are free to… Read More

Telecom Services

As a member of Helplines Partnership, we invite you to use The Phone Co-op for your phones, mobiles and broadband. They are the UK’s only telecoms co-operative, owned and run by their customers. We have chosen them as a telephony partner because of their commitment to quality and their social and environmental… Read More

Virtual Call Centre

Sophisticated Inbound Solutions Bespoke cloud based service provides a flexible and reliable solution for handling calls enabling helpline workers to log on from any location and answer communications including voice, webchat or SMS. The VCC works with existing infrastructure and there is no need to invest in costly hardware. Calls… Read More


Helplines Partnership works with LanguageLine Solutions to offer helplines and charities access to over 200 languages – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members benefit from our lowest rates for written translation and telephone interpreting – we can also help non-members access discounts from our partner. Why telephone… Read More


Specialist insurance policies including travel, life and protection policies that cater for people with additional needs or caring responsibilities We understand that many of our members support people with additional needs, life limiting conditions and caring responsibilities and that accessing insurance cover can be a real challenge for these individuals…. Read More

Health & Safety Risk Management

Do you have an up to date risk assessment in place for your helpline? Something that would satisfy the law if something went wrong? Do you have measures in place that would be effective in protecting your helpline team? Have you or a designated person within your organisation walked around… Read More