Our Masterclasses are designed for helpline managers, service coordinators and experienced helpline workers. Focussing on specific areas of helpline work they will give you an in-depth understanding, allowing you to develop robust working practices and policies to better support your team, service users and the service provision.

As the membership body for helplines in the UK and Ireland, Helplines Partnership is in a unique position to listen to the needs of the sector and to respond accordingly.

Prices for each course start at £149 (+VAT) for members.

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Safeguarding for Helplines

programmeSafeguarding is becoming more prevalent within the helpline sector. No matter what kind of service you deliver, everyone has a duty to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk of harm or abuse. This Masterclass will help increase your knowledge and understanding of safeguarding, not only in the broader context, but also in relation to understanding key safeguarding terms and signs and indicators. It seeks to develop awareness and examine legislation that can directly be implemented into practice, procedures and policy provision. It aims to build confidence and awareness and offer guidance surrounding confidentiality, recording and information sharing in line with GDPR and safeguarding sensitivities.

19th May 2020
23rd Sep 2020
3rd Dec 2020
25th Feb 2021

Responding to Suicidal Callers

programmeHow to respond to service users who present with suicidal thoughts or plans is a common concern for helplines. It is essential that your service is equipped to identify those at risk and that your team know how best to support them. This Masterclass will explore how to identify risk, practice different techniques and set up internal processes, policies and supervision. Service managers and co-ordinators attending this course will leave with greater knowledge, confidence and awareness alongside practical skills and actions to take back to their helpline.

8th Jul 2020
17th Feb 2021
17th Mar 2021

Vicarious Trauma - having a healthy workplace

programmeThe accumulative effect of handling emotional and distressing contacts can negatively impact on a person's social behaviours, emotional wellbeing, physical health, behaviour and cognitive reasoning. If unaddressed vicarious trauma (VT) could harm not only the helpline worker but also has serious implications for your service users. Based on recent research, this insightful and practical Masterclass will explore the implications of compassion fatigue research within helplines, helping you to establish and review strategies and procedures to effectively manage and address the personal and professional consequences.

Impact Practice and Measuring Outcomes for Helplines - CPD Accredited

programmeHow to capture, record and measure the impact of a helpline service can be a challenge for organisations. Yet many funders and commissioners want to see evidence of the impact your service will have on the people who use it. This Masterclass will explore impact practice, types of data, data collection, ethics and data sharing. Using case studies and practical exercises you’ll learn how to frame your helpline’s impact, capture outcomes, collect and interpret data and create a practical action plan for your organisation.

Helplines Partnership - CPD Certified Training

Managing Repeat Callers

programmeRepeat callers to a helpline can present serious challenges for both helpline workers and the service itself, absorbing time and resources. This Masterclass will explore how to identify, respond and manage repeat callers within your helpline. The Masterclass covers strategies for managing effective and consistent responses and monitoring the impact on your service.

Working with Volunteers

programmeThis Masterclass will explore best practice in recruitment, training and retention of volunteers from advertising to exit interviews. It focuses on the management of volunteers and organisational expectations and, the legal aspects of a volunteer agreement and volunteer rights. The Masterclass will include opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas, as well as some practical resources to take away with you.

Data Protection and your Helpline

programmeData Protection is a critical concern to all helplines. Your service needs to ensure and demonstrate compliance to current legislation. This Masterclass provides an overview of how the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to helpline work. Through exploring best practice in data sharing, participants will gain a clear understanding of the data protection principles, the lawful basis for data processing and the implications this has on their service thereby helping them comply with the legislation.

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  • Your Measuring Outcomes Masterclass was brilliant. We changed a lot of what we do at the charity because of it. We have brought in new systems to our anonymous helpline and the trustees are really happy with how it further professionalises the charity. The changes we made because of what we learnt on the course has made us better able to support the people we are there to support.
    Mark Brooks, Chair of Trustees
    The ManKind Initiative

  • First class training. I learn so much each time and come back encouraged to take on board and put into practice what I've learned.
    Kevin Lonergan, Manager
    Sightline Vision

  • I found the course very helpful in understanding and identifying the symptoms of Vicarious Trauma and the impact that this could have on the service we offer to parents and families. It was also helpful to look at different ways we can support Helpline line staff and what other things we can put in place to avoid this happening.
    Bereavement Support Services Manager
    Sands - Stillbirth and neonatal death charity

  • Your session added hugely to the event, making it an enormously positive day overall. Your session .. was pitched perfectly. Your delivery was wonderful and very respectful... We very much appreciated how you incorporated our ‘real life’ boundary issue into your presentation and for the advice you have given us on the best way forward with this.Thank you so much again for meeting the brief so wonderfully and for being so flexible on the day. I know that the volunteers very much valued ‘your professionalism’ and experience in this field. They will have taken a huge amount away from your session which I hope they will begin to apply in positive ways to themselves and their approach to calls.
    Helpline Co-ordinator
    The Compassionate Friends

  • The expert training and guidance given to the new members of our Advice Team by Helplines Partnership has been invaluable.
    Head of Telephone and Compliance Centre Services
    Migrant Help

  • They (call handlers) are already reducing their call time and being much more confident in ending calls.
    Programme Manager
    NICE - National Institute for Clinical Excellence

  • The team have all commented on how much they enjoyed it and how valuable it was.
    Customer Services Manager
    British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Your training was great - the volunteers were all really engaged and enthusiastic throughout - and you really demonstrated what we wanted from them excellently.
    Zainab Lantan
    Carers UK

  • The course met my expectations and more. It has opened my eyes to how I communicate with people.
    Helpline Worker
    Magdalene Group

  • I have attended a number of Helplines Partnership’s training courses. The training is always excellent and I really gain so much from meeting the other helplines too. The membership is really varied from small local helplines to the big nationals. We all bring lots of experience and ideas and I always go away from the course thinking “I hadn’t thought of doing it that way” or “I can use that idea on my helpline”.
    Samantha Lavendar
    Autism Concern

  • The trainer was excellent and paced the day really well with a good balance of presentation, group work and time to answer questions. It was great to have such an expert to discuss ideas with!
    Winston's Wish

  • Very comprehensive and informative data protection training. De-mystified the jargon and helped me to translate an otherwise complex area. I can now clearly identify adaptations necessary for our Helpline and I'm confident that we'll now be future proof for pending changes to legislation.

  • Everybody gets what they need from the day (and then some) and it is always pitched just right. (The Trainer) is clear, supportive and very knowledgeable...the training was of such fantastic quality!!
    Magdalene Group

  • It was a most beneficial session. I feel that it has allowed us all to look at a different way of thinking in how we should measure outcomes.
    Muriel Bailey
    Parenting NI

  • I just wanted to say how useful I found the training course – I’m very new to the helpline here at NASS, and found a lot of practical tools and processes that will hopefully hold me in good stead. I thought the trainer, Rachael, was very engaging and knowledgeable, and I really enjoyed the mix of people in the group.
    Amardeep Gill

  • The room was buzzing with enthusiasm over data protection!!!!! Sonia was brilliant in allowing us to discuss and investigate our own systems and then steer it back around to the planned agenda.
    Steven Stockley

  • The training was excellent. [The Trainer's] helpline experience really enriches the learning.
    Clodagh Crowe
    Rural Support