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Handling difficult and challenging calls outside of the helpline environment

Helplines often act as an invisible safety net, catching people when they have nowhere else to turn as statutory services are cut. However, it’s not just helpline services that are receiving calls from people who feel that they are at crisis point. The people taking these calls must have the… Read More

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Vicarious Trauma - how to know, notice and manage the effects of helpline work

Regularly hearing about or responding to traumatic events can take its toll on those people who work in helping professions and supportive jobs. Our members tell us that they are seeing an increase in the complexity and volume of calls and contacts they receive and that mental health and suicidal… Read More

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How lawyers respond to stress

Another insightful blog from our member LawCare: When our bodies tell us that all is not well, do we listen? Many professionals, when faced with unpleasant symptoms, push those warning signals aside in their desire to appear completely confident and competent as they continue in their high-pressure career. I was… Read More

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Major event in the helpline calendar

Helplines Partnership recently welcomed over 100 delegates to our 2015 Annual Conference which brought together helplines throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The event provided a unique opportunity to capture the ideas, innovation, and insights from a broad range of helplines supporting a diverse range of service users…. Read More