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Special Freephone Tariff: Deal agreed to keep call costs affordable for helplines

Helplines have been facing the risk of significant price rises due to wider changes taking place within the telecoms sector. Following extensive negotiations Helplines Partnership (HLP) proudly announces that a deal has been reached with the support of BT and other significant organisations within the telecoms sector which enables helplines… Read More

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Special Freephone Tariff Update

Helplines are justifiably concerned about the impact of telecoms price rises. After staffing, these can be the biggest area of helpline expenditure. Wider changes in the telecoms sector as a result of the non-geographic numbering changes have made the future for the Special Freephone Tariff (SFT) uncertain. Helplines Partnership (HLP)… Read More

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Affordable charging for helplines under threat?

Helplines Partnership continues to have concerns about the impact of the changes to non-geographic numbers which take effect in June 2015. Helplines face the threat of price rises on free to call numbers being introduced as future pricing information has not yet been made available to the sector. Ofcom previously… Read More