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Helplines and the law

Helplines are not currently regulated and there is nothing to prevent anyone from setting up a ‘helpline’. However members of Helplines Partnership (HLP), who deliver socially important services, are expected to maintain certain standards and policies which helps to provide an additional measure of confidence for those contacting them. Although… Read More

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Changes to Data Protection Law

In May 2016 we blogged about forthcoming changes to Data Protection Law as a result of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). This Regulation will include: New rules regarding the consent to use personal data. New requirements for Privacy by Design, where privacy considerations are built to align protections… Read More

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Data Protection Law changes are coming

Helplines, charities and other organisations will need to be ready for 2018 when Data Protection Law changes come into effect. The General Data Protection Regulation will be become law in 2018 across 28 EU member states and the UK regulator has called for organisations to begin their preparations for these… Read More