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Are you operating an 0844 or 0845 number? Do you know what messages your callers might be getting?

New Ofcom rules require anyone displaying an 0844 or 0845 number to provide details about the cost of calling, breaking the information down into an “access charge” levied by the phone company and a “service charge” paid to the organisation they are calling. This information needs to appear in promotional… Read More

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Choosing the right number range for your helpline

Changes to rules on some number ranges are prompting helplines to review their current numbering arrangements. A new guide has been published to support helplines in considering their options. Helplines Partnership (HLP) has issued new guidance for helplines exploring number ranges (the number a helpline has for callers to make… Read More

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Affordable charging for helplines under threat?

Helplines Partnership continues to have concerns about the impact of the changes to non-geographic numbers which take effect in June 2015. Helplines face the threat of price rises on free to call numbers being introduced as future pricing information has not yet been made available to the sector. Ofcom previously… Read More

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Affordable call charges for helplines under threat

Changes in the way call costs from mobile phones to freephone numbers are calculated could put helpline services under threat. If you call a freephone number from your mobile phone (and it’s not on the Special Freephone Tariff), chances are you’ll be charged, whereas if you call the same freephone… Read More

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Say goodbye to 0500

Ofcom have announced that as expected the 0500 number range will be phased out over the next three years. Their research found that the number range is not well recognised among consumers and has been declining in popularity since the 0800 range was introduced in the mid 1980’s. 0500 numbers… Read More

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New Ofcom Guides on nuisance calls for vulnerable callers

Nuisance calls are a big problem. Ofcom research has shown that four in five participants (84%) received at least one unwanted call a month, and that 81% of these calls are seen as ‘annoying’ and 9% as distressing. Most calls are about PPI, but can also be about insurance, home… Read More