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Make the most of your data with free statistical help

The Royal Statistical Society’s Statisticians for Society programme connects third sector organisations with professional statisticians who can provide expert help with collecting, analysing and presenting data. They provide statistical support at no cost to UK charities and other third sector organisations with an annual income of less than £500,000. Demonstrate… Read More

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Making the numbers add up: a strategic approach to fundraising - Five things to think about

Heather McLoughlin, Charity Advisor, from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) hosted a seminar at the 2019 Helplines Partnership Conference that explored fundraising in the UK, finding funding and the importance of evidencing your impact. CAF is charity that aims to motivate society to give more effectively. The Charity Advisory team work… Read More

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Measuring Helpline Outcomes and Demonstrating Impact

There is a growing pressure for charities to effectively measure and evaluate their outcomes – not only to engage funders, but also to improve their operations and motivate staff. The most popular seminar session at this year’s Annual Conference was our own seminar, hosted by Mega Arumugam, which explored how… Read More