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Improving your helpline tech – three tips from The Developer Society

With an increasing number of service users choosing digital options for support, as well as a growing need to measure and demonstrate impact, helplines are having to adapt and up their tech game. We were joined by The Developer Society’s Steve Hawkes who hosted a seminar session, at our Annual… Read More

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Measuring Helpline Outcomes and Demonstrating Impact

There is a growing pressure for charities to effectively measure and evaluate their outcomes – not only to engage funders, but also to improve their operations and motivate staff. The most popular seminar session at this year’s Annual Conference was our own seminar, hosted by Mega Arumugam, which explored how… Read More

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Helpline Research 2017 - 2019

Since 2017, Helplines Partnership have carried out an Annual Member Survey. It is an opportunity for our members to tell us what is happening on the frontline, contribute to creating a picture of the helpline sector and capture how it is changing and evolving. This year, we worked with the… Read More

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National Stalking Helpline - Research into vexatious complaints

At our member research launch event earlier in April, Suky Bhaker, Head of Policy and Development at National Stalking Helpline, spoke about the work of the helpline and The Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Suky and her team are now conducting research into vexatious complaints. Find out more below and if you can help… Read More