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Recognising success and diversity in the helpline sector

Filmed at our Annual Conference, Life’s Journey, in 2017 this short video demonstrates the breadth of the helpline sector and the vital role it plays in our society. On a daily basis, our members are providing support to people on subjects as diverse as debt, bereavement, education, legal rights and… Read More

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An amazing year for DrugFAM

It has been a truly fantastic year for one of our members – DrugFAM. I was so pleased to represent Helplines Partnership at their ‘Service of Celebration and Hope’ at Westminster Abbey in May. Today, we were delighted to hear that Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, the founder of the charity, has been… Read More

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Reflections on our conference

Helplines came together to celebrate the history of helplines and to look to the future. I was proud to be a part of Helplines Partnership as we delivered a very successful conference, looking back over the past 25 years and then forward towards the future of our sector. The past… Read More

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Helplines Are Here

This year Helplines Partnership celebrates 25 years of support to helplines and the wider communities they support across UK society at large. Helpline staff and volunteers are the last resort and sometimes the first and only resort for people in need.  Occasionally, these needs are simple, a piece of information… Read More

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Preparing to celebrate 25 years of Helplines Partnership

We have come a long way. So let me begin with a brief recount of our story, so far. In 1989 The Helplines Association, our ancestor organisation was formed. They merged with Mental Health Partnership in September 2012 to form Helplines Partnership (HLP). HLP is today the largest umbrella body… Read More

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Helplines going digital: what it means to be a finalist at this year's Digital Leader Awards

Being a finalist in the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) category of this year’s Digital Leaders Awards is, without doubt, a great honour for Helplines Partnership and its members.  The Awards are given – on the basis of nomination and open voting – by “Digital by Default News” which supports networking and… Read More