Setting Up a Helpline

As the membership body for the helpline sector we offer guidance and advice to those setting up a helpline. We have developed a start-up support package based on our knowledge and experience to help you think about the fundamental aspects of setting up a helpline. Based on the principles of the Helplines Standard, (the only quality framework specifically designed to meet the needs of helplines), our specialist support will aid your thinking on shaping the new service.

Start-Up package features:

  • Identifying and establishing need
  • Purpose and service remit
  • Costs, expenditure and income streams
  • Planning your service
  • Key policies and critical risks
  • Nature and structure of your service
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Technology and telephony
  • Planning for the future and continuity of funding
  • Monitoring and evaluation

HLP will provide a report containing recommendations about the most important areas you need to consider.

This process will increase your awareness of all the implications when delivering a helpline service and enable you to make informed decisions about starting your helpline.

Our specialist team has experience in managing, setting up and working on helplines.

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