Helplines Standard

The Helplines Standard is a nationally recognised quality standard which defines and accredits best practice in helpline work. Helplines Partnership developed the Standard recognising the diverse challenges and issues faced by helplines and the varied ways in which today's service users wish to make contact.

Being awarded the Helplines Standard is an excellent way of ensuring you are effectively meeting the needs of service users, workers, funders and everyone coming into contact with your helpline.

How can the Helplines Standard benefit your organisation?

  • Competitive advantage when seeking funding and partnerships
  • Enhanced credibility by demonstrating a commitment to quality and excellence
  • Greater visibility to potential service users and funders
  • Great motivator by acknowledging a commitment to best practice
  • Continual development within strategic planning and partnerships
  • Branding recognition and publicity via our Helplines directory

The Helplines Standard gave us a chance to review how things were done, and realise that not everything was written down; it helped us identify training needs. As our service has expanded to include using helpline volunteers, having the Standard in place meant that we were able to bring them into a structured training programme.
- LawCare 

This is a good news story! We can use it in our publicity materials and communications to our members, in tender bids and when asking for funding. Additionally, it is a big confidence boost as it confirms that we offer an outstanding service - we always felt that we did but to get affirmation from an organisation such as yours makes it official.
- Thirtyone:eight

As an organisation, we work with a lot of corporate partners and funders. Having the Helplines Standard means we can demonstrate to them that we are meeting industry good practice. The external benchmarking is something they understand from their own sectors.
- Mind

The biggest impact for us achieving the Helplines Standard accreditation was on our workforce. There is much more clarity now and we have introduced measures to help the team work better. Our managers have a clearer understanding of our policies, what they need to include and that they are being followed.
- Karma Nirvana

Cost of Helplines Standard accreditation


Helpline Standard workshops are free to attend. However, following government guidance, we have temporarily suspended our Helplines Standard workshops.

In the interim, we are offering a one-to-one phone call with one of our Helplines Standard assessors.

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Helplines Standard workbooks are available electronically.
Non-member price: £200
Helplines Partnership discounted member price: £120

Order a Helplines Standard Workbook
Non-member price Helplines Partnership discounted member price
Accreditation - preparation and assessment of phone and email channels on site


£4,460 £2,675
Cost per additional channel e.g. text, webchat, forums, social media


£750 £450
Cost per additional visit e.g. additional bases, homeworkers


£1,000 £600

We welcome applications from other types of organisations who recognise the importance of quality assuring their consumer or client communication over the phone or text-based channels.

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