Helplines Standard

The Helplines Standard is a nationally recognised quality standard which defines and accredits best practice in helpline work. Helplines Partnership developed the Standard recognising the diverse challenges and issues faced by helplines and the varied ways in which today's service users wish to make contact.

Being awarded the Helplines Standard is an excellent way of ensuring you are effectively meeting the needs of service users, workers, funders and everyone coming into contact with your helpline.

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How can the Helplines Standard benefit your organisation?

  • Competitive advantage when seeking funding and partnerships
  • Enhanced credibility by demonstrating commitment to quality and excellence
  • Greater visibility to potential service users and funders
  • Great motivator by acknowledging commitment to best practice
  • Continual development within strategic planning and partnerships
  • Branding recognition and publicity via our Helplines directory

Testimonials from Helplines Standard Accredited Helplines

Want to know more?

The Helplines Standard is available in a variety of formats at a cost of £120 for members and £200 for non-members (+VAT if electronic).

You will receive:

  • Opportunity to attend a free workshop which gives an overview of the Standard, the assessment process and the work involved for accreditation.
  • Provision of a self-assessment template to help organisations prepare for accreditation.
  • The Helplines Standard logo is made available upon successful completion and can be used to compliment your promotional campaigns.

We also welcome applications from other types of organisations who recognise the importance of quality assuring their consumer/client communication over the phone or text-based channels.