Toolkit | Setting up a helpline

Annika Howard
Helplines Partnership - Setting up a helpline toolkit - image of a man with a headset looking away from the camera

This toolkit is a guide for organisations who are considering setting up any type of non-face-to-face support such as a helpline, digital advice or support line, telephone befriending service, email or webchat support.

It will help you think about your service’s remit, the resources you’ll need, the technology you’ll use and how to make sure the people using your service and your team who are delivering it, are kept safe.

The setting up a helpline toolkit covers:

  • Identifying and establishing need
  • Helpline purpose and remit
  • Helpline policies
  • Delivering a helpline service
  • Helpline structure
  • Helpline teams
  • Helpline systems
  • Caller experience
  • Helpline promotion 
  • Helpline monitoring and evaluation 
  • Next steps

If you are thinking about setting up a helpline and want to learn more, talk to us.

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