Toolkit | Safeguarding for helplines

Annika Howard
Helplines Partnership - Safeguarding for helplines toolkit image of teenager lying on her bed looking at her phone

This safeguarding for helplines toolkit is designed to help you consider what you need to think about to develop a safeguarding policy for your helpline, webchat or listening service.

No matter what type of service you deliver you have a duty to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk of harm or abuse.

It will help you identify risk and practice; think about measures you need to put in place and your statutory requirements.

The safeguarding for helplines toolkit covers:

  • What does safeguarding mean 
  • Developing a helpline safeguarding policy
  • Safeguarding procedures for helplines
  • Confidentiality and information sharing
  • Safeer recruitment 
  • Real safeguarding policies 
  • Next steps 

If you have questions about safeguarding, or want to learn more, talk to us

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