Toolkit | Homeworking on a helpline

Helpline Partnership - Working From Home Helpline Toolkit - Woman sat at a table with a laptop with earphones in

This toolkit is designed to help you think about how to make the change from delivering your helpline, webchat or listening service from a central, office base to homeworking.

Homeworking can present challenges so it’s important to take time to really think about and plan how you will approach transitioning to homeworking. It will require adjustments for the organisation as a whole and the helpline team.

It will help you to keep your team engaged, feeling supported, your service users safe and protected and, your service up and running.

The homeworking on a helpline toolkit covers:

  • Planning and preparing for helpline homeworking
  • Is homeworking right for you and your helpline team?
  • Helpline systems for remote working
  • Helpline homeworkers health and welfare
  • Managing a remote homeworking helpline team
  • Homeworking for helpline team members
  • Your homeworking space
  • Homeworking schedule
  • Taking, recording and answering helpline calls from home
  • Next steps

If you have questions about delivering a helpline service with a remote, homebased team, or want to learn more, talk to us.

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