The impact of Covid-19 on helplines – April to June 2020

Annika Howard
Woman wearing face mask against a dark background

Over the past three months, from April to June 2020, we asked Helplines Partnership members about the impact of Covid-19 on their organisation and service.

Each month we asked them about:

  • Changes in demand for helpline services
  • Suspension of contact channels
  • Changes to operating hours
  • Staff and volunteer numbers
  • Remote working
  • Key concerns for helplines

We also asked them about their top three concerns in relation to coronavirus. As the pandemic progressed these changed although there were common threads that ran through those first three months including:

  • caller and team welfare
  • lack of organisations to signpost to
  • issues around helpline technology and funding

This is a short, summary, report sharing some of the qualitative and quantitative data we've gathered.

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