Setting up a Helpline Checklist

Annika Howard
Flipchart with helpline planning notes

Setting up a helpline requires detailed planning and thought, there are lots of things to consider.

This short, simple checklist is designed for organisations and individuals who are starting to think about setting up a helpline, support service or delivering non-face-to-face advice.

The checklist will help you think about and work through the basics including the remit of your service, how it will be funded and how it would operate.

The Checklist covers:

  • Identifying a need for your proposed service
  • The aim of your service
  • Who the service will support?
  • What will your service look like?
  • Delivering your service
  • Funding
  • Safeguarding

If you are thinking about setting up a helpline service you can find out more about the resources and support Helplines Partnership can offer on our Setting Up a Helpline page.

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