Say goodbye to 0500


Ofcom have announced that as expected the 0500 number range will be phased out over the next three years. Their research found that the number range is not well recognised among consumers and has been declining in popularity since the 0800 range was introduced in the mid 1980’s.

0500 numbers are not being issued any more, but if your organisation is already using a number in this range, you will still be able to receive calls until 3rd June 2017, when the range will be officially retired.

Ofcom have created a new range that will be available for users of 0500 number to migrate to. This range will be 080 85 and will allow service providers to migrate their existing 0500 numbers to 080 85 numbers with the same final six digits. This lets an organisation keep a large proportion of their existing number though helplines can consider a range of options such as the Special Freephone Tariff Scheme which has been designed to meet the need of the Helplines Sector.

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