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Paula Ojok
At Helplines Partnership (HLP), we support our members to provide a quality service to the people who contact them. When Bethan Harries, Service Manager at Sightline Vision Northwest, asked for our help to review their service, we were delighted to offer our assistance. Read how Bethan describes her experience.


Sightline Vision North West is an evening telephone helpline, for people with a visual impairment, their family, friends or carers. We are open every evening between 6-10pm and our volunteers all have a visual impairment themselves. We offer emotional and practical support, and can sign post to other organisations and services. We are also in the process of setting up a telephone befriending service.

Funded by the Big Lottery, we were granted money to have an organisational strength review as part of the building capacities fund. After considering various options, we chose Helplines Partnership (HLP) to undertake this work for us. The review was conducted by Paula Ojok (Joint Chief Executive and Director of Membership and External Affairs).

Not only did HLP react quickly to enquiries, they were able to send templates and agreements of what would be looked into and how they could support us. It was very appealing to have someone with a true understanding of helplines undertake this work and it fitted exactly what we were asking for.

Paula visited our office for the day, and gained a wealth of information from various people, most of whom were very anxious. I can only credit this to Paula’s friendly, calming and well prepared professionalism. She put us all at ease and we didn’t feel ashamed for not having certain things in place, just more geared up to ensure we would have them in place in the future. Paula also communicated well throughout the process which was really helpful.

The report that followed is clear, concise and understandable. It is broken down into manageable chapters and priorities are given which are particularly useful. I know that this report will now be my new working ‘bible’!

I am hopeful that Helplines Partnership will be able to advise us in the future and I will have no hesitation in contacting them for recommendations and help. I thank them very much for the work already carried out.

If you are struggling with resolving your helpline problems, why not give us a call to see if we can help? 0300 330 7777

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