Government announces funding pot to develop veteran’s information line


The Ministry of Defence has launched a funding scheme through the Covenant Fund to provide a single point of contact through a single telephone number and website. This will provide an information “clearing house” taking into account the needs of all veterans wherever they may be located.

The grant is to develop a single 24/7 information service with a trained, engaged and friendly individual able to answer the call. Clear and easy access should also be made available through other communication channels such as text or webchat as appropriate. Access must be easy for all veterans wherever located and by family members. Some users will be located overseas and costs must not be a barrier for those users. Consideration also needs to be given to veterans in areas where security or confidentiality could be an issue. Proposals must also include plans for self-financing of the service within 2 years.

One grant will be made under the programme, which is worth up to £2 million, and it is expected that this will be made to one lead partner working with a wider consortium of organisations. A decision on the grant will be made in March 2017, and there will be a two stage application process.

There will be an open morning for potential applicants which will take place in the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall, London on Tuesday 05 April 2016. Interested organisations can email [email protected] to register their interest in attending by 22 March 2016. Places will be limited to potential Applicants and up to 3 only of their main consortium partners. The application form and guidance notes will be available on 04 May 2016 but outline information is available here

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