A small helpline makes a big impact


Dawn Neville survived child abuse and rape and then became a Trustee of the charity National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC). She appreciated the importance of the specialist NAPAC helpline at her time of need. Dawn now gives back her time and experience to support others.

A small charity helpline can really make a huge difference to supporting people in their own individual recovery pathways, whatever stage of life they are at.

There are many challenges facing small helplines today (and indeed larger ones too) which you will be very aware of:

  • a small staff/volunteer team
  • increasing number of contacts
  • more channel choices for people to get in touch
  • unexpected spikes in demand often due to stories in the press or in the media
  • funding does not increase to meet demand
  • difficulty in finding funding streams
  • callers not being able to get through especially first-time callers who are making that first brave contact

What would happen without small helplines? It doesn’t bear thinking about. The amazing work you do makes a huge, positive difference to so many people. Your expertise, knowledge and skills are often bespoke, niche and definitely unique but the impact you have is enormous.

Dawn is a shining example of how a helpline made a big difference to her life, how she’s given back to spread the support and help to others at crisis point.

Let’s hope members of the public reading this blog will pass the message on to their friends and family.

Helplines provide support. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. There’s always someone on a helpline to talk to, text or email. Whatever your need.

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