Twinline - Tamba's Freephone Helpline


Twinline is a free helpline service for anybody that is involved with the care of multiples. All of our trained volunteers are parents of multiples.

Whether you would like to chat about expecting twins, triplets or more, feeding, sleeping, starting school, embarking on the teenage years and beyond, or anything else multiples related - Twinline can provide the support you need. Sometimes you may just need a listening ear from somebody that has been in your situation.

Here are some quotes from parents that have called Twinline: 

  • "Sometimes it gets to the point where you need to speak to someone who knows the fear and the frustration and the joy of having twins," mother of twins.
  • “Twinline is such an excellent idea. I rang on several occasions when things got tough at home.  My partner works long shifts and it has been good to have someone to talk to," mother of multiples. 
  • "We spoke to a great lady. She was calm, supportive and reassured us we were doing a great job with our twins. As she spoke from experience- we felt immediate relief. Our twins are now three and a half years old and thriving," mother of twins.

Call us: 0800 138 0509 (Twinline is open everyday from 10am to 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm).

Email us:  [email protected]

If you prefer not to call but would still like to contact us for some support, please email us or visit our website at:


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