Member Showcase: Derbyshire Domestic Violence & Abuse Service


The Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service (DDVSAS) Helpline offers support for people who are suffering from domestic violence. Domestic abuse includes; physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse inflicted by a partner or family member.

Our helpline takes calls from both women and men from anywhere in the country; all of our calls are taken in a sensitive and confidential manner. At the beginning of each call our helpline workers establish if the caller is safe, if they are not they then they will start to formulate a safety plan. This can include; encouraging the caller to phone the police, helping to put the caller into one of our refuges or another suitable refuge or going through the caller’s options with them to help them find a safe place.

Our helpline workers also provide a drop in service which allows callers to drop in, and speak to the helpline staff. This can help create a more comfortable environment for the caller, as they can put a face to the voice. It also introduces them to a safe place they can come to if they just need a chat and some support.

Our helpline opens: Monday - Thursday 9:30-12:30 and 13:30-7:30, Friday 9:30-12:30 and 13:30-4:30 and Saturday 9:30-12:30.

The helpline staff are really passionate about what they do and have helped make many lives safer:

  • “I am a social work student on placement in the helpline office. The helpline is a tremendously important service as it is often the first port of call for individuals and families experiencing domestic abuse. Being able to provide callers with information, emotional support or safe accommodation can help them to come into a position of safety and security. All people deserve lives free from abuse and helping callers to achieve this makes working on the helpline incredibly meaningful and rewarding.”
  • “I believe that all women, men and children should be free from a life of abuse. The services we provide are so important to give victims a voice, to provide them a non-judgmental space to talk and to offer support and advice. Experiencing domestic violence is extremely difficult and I believe services like ourselves are vitally important to offer a helping hand through it.”

Here are some comments from clients who have used our helpline, drop in or outreach services:

  • “All done well, and as quickly as possible. Staff are dedicated and went out their way to get the assessment done in time.”
  • “It made me feel that I was not crazy, that the problems were not all my fault.”
  • “Very efficient and positive and has taken the weight off my mind.”

If you or someone you know in Derbyshire needs our help you can call us on:

Women’s Helpline: 01246 540444
Men’s Helpline: 01246 555549
Callers elsewhere in the country: 0800 2000 247

Or you can contact us on:

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