Trauma Counselling Line Scotland – a counselling line run by Scottish charity Health in Mind

Annika Howard
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Health in Mind is a Scottish mental health and wellbeing charity based in Edinburgh. It supports around 3,000 people every year to live the life they want to live. The charity offers a wide range of services including Trauma Counselling Line Scotland.

Trauma Counselling Line Scotland launched in 2010, providing free and confidential telephone counselling to anyone aged 16 or over, living in Scotland, who has experienced abuse in childhood. We spoke to Ellie Muniandy, Counselling Services Coordinator, at Health in Mind about Trauma Line.

The Trauma Line provides a safe place for people to talk about the difficulties they have in their lives. The service can be used for people to talk about the abuse they have experience, to help people understand and make sense of it and the impact that it has had on them.

‘Trauma Counselling Line Scotland probably saved my life and definitely saved my sanity. Somehow, to have my experience listened to, helped me to work through this difficult time. Now, at the end, I am able to function in my life again and am back on solid ground.’


Trauma Counselling Line Scotland has developed over the years to meet need and since 2017 its focus has shifted to supporting people who are often missed from mainstream services. This includes people:

  • from minority ethnic communities
  • with a disability
  • who live in rural and remote areas.

People from minority ethnic communities

The Trauma Line has a range of experienced counsellors who speak a wide variety of languages, including English, Punjabi, Urdu, Polish, French, Taiwanese and Mandarin. This means that people can access counselling and speak about their difficult experiences in a language they feel comfortable in – without having to use an interpreter.


For people with disabilities, physical access can be a real barrier to services. This may be as a result of services being physically inaccessible or because they lack the confidence or motivation to leave the safety and security of their home environment. The trauma telephone service allows people to benefit from the same level of expertise and support from the safety of their own homes.

Rural and remote areas

Due to Scotland’s geographical spread, it can be difficult for people living in remote and rural areas to access services. This may relate to transport issues, or lack of time, or being less likely to have their personal and social networks nearby. The Trauma Line gives people choice, enabling them to speak to a specialist counsellor wherever they live, provided that they have telephone access.

How the service works

Trauma Counselling Line Scotland is free and accepts self-referrals as well as third-party referrals. People are offered weekly daytime or evening appointments and can access up to 12 months of counselling, subject to quarterly reviews.

For further information visit or call Trauma Counselling Line Scotland on 08088 02 04 06.