Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK

Description of service

Helpline services to support and give information to people with Scleroderma, particularly the newly diagnosed and also those connected to people with Scleroderma, for example family, friends and health professionals. The Team can provide information on symptoms, special aids to help with daily life, cooking utensils with special handles, opening devices or creams available to moisten the skin. The helpline volunteers are not medically qualified and cannot give advice on drugs or medical diagnosis. The person on the Team may have Scleroderma but refrain from swapping backgrounds and symptoms but aim to listen positively to issues and provide support.

Key Focus

Support for those affected by Scleroderma

Age Range

All ages

Opening Times

Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm
answerphone available

Area Of Operation

Whole of UK


No charge

Referral Method

Self referral

Registered Charity Number

1161828 (prev 286736)