No Panic

Description of service

Aims to provide help, relief and rehabilitation for people with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. Also provides support to families and carers. One to one telephone mentoring and telephone recovery groups for members only. Written step by step recovery programmes for phobias and OCD. Literature, books, CDs and DVDs. Support for people trying to give up tranquilisers. Provides lay-person self help cognitive and behaviour therapy as a basis for recovery. Some local groups. Raises public and professional awareness of the problems created by anxiety disorders. People may ring the answerphone and listen to a message then leave their details to receive an information pack.

Key Focus

Support for anxiety neuroses, panic attacks, phobias, tranquiliser withdrawal

Age Range

All ages

Opening Times

Helpline 10am-10pm every day of year
evening anxiety crisis line 10pm-10am (answerphone only)

Area Of Operation

Whole of UK


No charge for advice; calls to helpline Service Charge 5p a minute; optional Membership £15

Referral Method

Self referral

Registered Charity Number