Helplines and the law

Paula Ojok

Helplines are not currently regulated and there is nothing to prevent anyone from setting up a ‘helpline’. However members of Helplines Partnership (HLP), who deliver socially important services, are expected to maintain certain standards and policies which helps to provide an additional measure of confidence for those contacting them. Although there is currently no specific regulation of helpline activity, some organisations may separately deliver services that are regulated by other bodies e.g. CQC.

Additionally, HLP offers the Helplines Standard, the only quality framework developed specifically for the helpline sector. We developed the Standard recognising the diverse challenges and issues faced by helplines and the multiple ways in which today’s service users wish to make contact. Being awarded the Helplines Standard is an excellent way of ensuring a helpline is effectively meeting the needs of service users, workers, funders and everyone coming into contact with a helpline. Achievement of the Helplines Standard is viewed very positively by many funders and commissioners. We run free workshops around the country for anyone interested in finding out more.


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