Volunteer Management Online

About the event

Managing volunteers can be time consuming, difficult but extremely rewarding. This course provides vital insights on why people volunteer, whilst exploring who best to manage the volunteers within an organisation. Through practical exercises and exploring best practice you will learn about the funding, recruitment, and training needed for volunteers; as well as how best to monitor, retain, recognise, reward and retire volunteers. We also work through the risk involved in delivering volunteer programmes.

Participants will learn:

  • What is volunteer Management?
  • Explore why people volunteer
  • Identify when to use volunteers, rather than paid members of staff.
  • Learn how to best identify needs and opportunities
  • Induction. What do your volunteers need to know about your organisation and about their role to be effective?
  • Discuss supervision, probation period, and measuring value
  • Look at ways to best recognise and reward volunteers to ensure retention.
  • Exploring clear timescales, good communication, and letting go.
  • Explore the risks involved in delivering a volunteer programme

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