Vicarious Trauma Online

About the event

Vicarious trauma is a term for the emotional changes a person can experience when helping people who have traumatic stories to tell. The accumulative effect of handling emotional and distressing contacts can negatively impact a person's social behaviours, emotional wellbeing, physical health, behaviour and cognitive reasoning.

Vicarious trauma can also be known as secondary traumatisation, secondary stress disorder or insidious trauma. It can lead to compassion fatigue or burnout, and the symptoms can be like those of first-hand trauma experiences. If unaddressed vicarious trauma could harm not only the individual themselves, it can have serious implications for their organisation, the service it provides and for the people accessing that service.

This insightful and practical, online course, will explore the implications of compassion fatigue within helplines and other non-face-to-face advice, information and support services, helping you to establish and review strategies and procedures to effectively manage, mitigate against and address the personal and professional consequences.

Outcomes & Objectives

  • explore research and understand the implications to your service
  • understand key risk factors and impact on your service, call handlers and service users
  • explore how the severity and complexity of call content contributes to vicarious trauma
  • explore how recruitment, training and management can reduce the risk of vicarious trauma
  • develop a risk matrix for your service
  • learn how to identify and reduce those at risk of burnout
  • explore different approaches to supervision and debriefing

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