Essential Helpline Skills

About the event

Confidence and skills in call handling are the building blocks for an effective helpline in terms of delivery, staff retention and service user satisfaction. Ensure new call handlers effectively and efficiently manage contacts whilst adhering to the remit of your service.

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Outcomes & Objectives:

  • explore the structure of a call and the challenges of each stage
  • learn effective listening and questioning techniques
  • learn how to deal with silences
  • experience and understand the power of paraphrasing
  • understand how beliefs and assumptions influence us
  • understand the difference between directive and non-directive support
  • learn how to signpost callers to other sources of support
  • know how to establish rapport and maintain professionalism
  • know how and when to end a contact appropriately

Who should attend?:
This course is ideal for new helpline workers and can be a refresher for those wishing to top up their skills.

London SE1 4LX

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