Digital Helpline Skills Online

About the event

Digital based support such as email or webchat, requires a different approach, understanding and techniques to verbal helpline skills. Whether your service already offers, or is considering digital based channels, this course provides vital insights on how to respond to service users effectively through written communication. Through practical exercises and exploring best practice for each channel, you can ensure your service users receive high quality, consistent delivery across all channels.

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Participants will learn:

  • To identify key challenges of responding by email and live chat
  • Advantages and disadvantages of text-based services
  • About the resource implications for live chat
  • What is meant by the 'textscape' and its impact on helpline work
  • Options available for greeting service users and sign-offs
  • The structure of written communications
  • Assumptions made based on text and how to interpret and minimise them
  • How and when to use templates and standard responses
  • Your responsibilities in relation to managing confidentiality and safeguarding
  • How to convey empathy, use paraphrasing and active listening skills via text

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