Helplines in the wider health sector

Peter Chidwick Paula Ojok
Helplines Partnership

HLP recently represented helplines at two health sector events: Mental Health:  Forward Thinking – The Implementation Plan Speakers from Mental Health Foundation, NHS England and the Mental Health Task for England among others discussed commissioning for improved access to 24/7 crisis resolution and liaison mental health services for all ages…. Read More

Social phone tariffs for people on low incomes

Peter Chidwick

Helplines Partnership (HLP) has long advocated on the importance of access to affordable telecoms, particularly for vulnerable people. It’s one of the reasons behind our work to offer and maintain the Helplines Freephone Range (HFR) of affordable confidential numbers for helpline providers. Through its work with Ofcom, Helplines Partnership (HLP)… Read More

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Talking About Cancer - free online awareness course

Nicola James

Talking About Cancer: A free online cancer awareness course from Cancer Research UK I’ve recently been speaking to Elly from the Talk Cancer training team at Cancer Research UK. Elly has told me about a free online cancer awareness course Talking About Cancer which is to be run quarterly, and… Read More

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Helplines and the law

Paula Ojok

Helplines are not currently regulated and there is nothing to prevent anyone from setting up a ‘helpline’. However members of Helplines Partnership (HLP), who deliver socially important services, are expected to maintain certain standards and policies which helps to provide an additional measure of confidence for those contacting them. Although… Read More

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Where would you go if it were happening to you?

Nicola James

Helplines Partnership annually holds the Helpline Awards to recognise the excellent work helplines do for people who need help and support. I asked one of our Helpline Award judges, Emily Hodge, Coach Therapy Support to tell us about her experience of the process and making those tricky final decisions. Here’s… Read More

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