Helplines and free to caller numbers

Nicola James

Regular readers of this blog will know that a major area of work for Helplines Partnership has been seeking to minimise the impact that the non-geographic numbering changes will have on helplines’ capability to continue to be able to afford to stay on free to caller number ranges. You can… Read More

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Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline


The Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline offers emotional support for people concerned about their mental health or that of someone they know. The helpline provides a safe space to talk through worries and concerns in complete confidence, and for some, it can be a life changing service. The helpline is available… Read More

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An end to Payphone Access Charges for helplines

Paula Ojok

Helplines Partnership celebrates an end to Payphone Access Charges for helplines that offer free to caller services from 1st April 2015. Every day people call helplines for support. Some particularly vulnerable people use payphones to contact helplines. The Payphone Access Charge (PAC) was charged to helplines that operate a free… Read More

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Helplines get support to be there for society’s most vulnerable callers


Helplines Partnership welcomes moves by BT to waive Payphone Access Charges for helplines. Every day people call helplines for support. Many helplines use a number where the caller doesn’t have to pay. This means that if someone doesn’t have any money available to make a call, they can still reach… Read More

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Member Showcase: March 2015


Here on the Helplines Partnership blog we will be featuring our members, showcasing their work to inspire and strengthen our sector. We are delighted to announce the growth of our helpline community as we welcome helplines from the UK and internationally, large and small, newly founded to those established for… Read More