Sharing best practices of insafe helplines

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline is a free service for UK professionals working with children and young people. We provide signposting, advice, and mediation, to resolve e-safety issues staff face about themselves, such as protecting professional identity and online harassment, or problems affecting young people, for example cyber-bullying or sexting… Read More

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Affordable call charges for helplines under threat

Changes in the way call costs from mobile phones to freephone numbers are calculated could put helpline services under threat. If you call a freephone number from your mobile phone (and it’s not on the Special Freephone Tariff), chances are you’ll be charged, whereas if you call the same freephone… Read More

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Our helpline awards: nominate a helpline now

Nicola James

It is amazing to think that Helplines Partnership has supported our valuable member helplines for over 25 years.  Our helplines provide quality advice and support for anyone in their time of need.  Whether related to health, disability, social challenges or the environment around us; there is a helpline for all… Read More

Engaging with political leadership

The Helplines Sector touches the lives of millions of callers. It’s time that more political leaders understood the importance of what helplines do which is why Helplines Partnership will be present at political party conferences this year. Helplines perform incredible work, supporting highly vulnerable people. You’ve told us about the… Read More

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WHO publishes its first global suicide prevention report

Suicide takes a terrible toll on human life. According to WHO’s first global report on suicide prevention 800,000 people die by suicide every year, which is around one person every 40 seconds. WHO published their report on suicide ahead of World Suicide Prevention day on 10th September. Here are some… Read More

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