Homeworking for helplines – toolkit and tips

Annika Howard
Homeworking for Helplines Toolkit - Young woman sat at a table with earphones in working at a laptop

Many helplines, befriending and listening services are now having to work remotely, a change that’s had to be made quickly in response to the Corona Virus. Helpline teams, helpline volunteers and helpline managers have had to move from being office-based and surrounded by the other members of their team to… Read More

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“Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill…” - Melanoma Awareness Month

Annika Howard
Melanoma Helpline Nurse on the phone. Helpline number 0808 801 0777

May is Melanoma Awareness month and our member, Melanoma Focus, talk about the support, advice and information their helpline can offer and the importance of talking to your GP if you are worried about a mole or lesion. Talk to your GP We all know the phrase, but, in the… Read More

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Helplines Partnership in action – members supporting members introducing webchat on a women’s aid helpline

Annika Howard
Young woman typing on a laptop

One of the benefits of Helplines Partnership membership is being able to tap into the knowledge and experience of your fellow members. We know from members how much they appreciate being able to draw on the knowledge and learn from the experiences of their fellow members and support one another…. Read More

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Setting up a help or support line in response to coronavirus

Annika Howard
Helplines Partnership | Setting up a helpline man with telephone headset

Many organisations, parish councils and other community response teams are looking at how they can best support people during the coronavirus pandemic. Different groups are thinking about setting up a help or support line to provide a direct response to their local communities. Under normal circumstances it isn’t a process… Read More

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Coronavirus Message from Paula Ojok, CEO at Helplines Partnership

Annika Howard
Coronavirus – Helplines supporting each other illustration of people with headsets

Coronavirus – Helplines supporting each other Increased pressures are being placed on the helpline sector due to the coronavirus. It’s clear, that over the coming weeks our working and home-life practices will be changing. The government advises that people need to start working from home if they possibly can. At… Read More