Stephen Buckley

Stephen Buckley

Which organisation do you work for and what is your role?
I work for Mind, the mental health charity as Head of Information. My role is to run Mind’s national information and support services, such as our helplines, digital peer support community and information service. Last year, around 100,000 people accessed a Mind helpline.

What inspires you?
This is a cheesy-but-true answer: the fantastic people I work with at Mind who always amaze me with their collective insight, enthusiasm and compassion.

How would you like to make a difference?
I’ve seen a number of friends lose years and years of the kind of life they might have had because they were unable to get the kind of support they needed with their mental health. Connecting more people with the right help at the right time is how I would like to make a difference.

What motivated you to become a Helplines Partnership Trustee?
Listening to the feedback of users of Mind’s helpline services and the impact that a relatively short phone call has had on how someone thinks and their confidence in asking for help is incredible. Collectively, voluntary and charity sector helplines make a huge contribution to hundreds of thousands of lives each year, and it’s important that this contribution is recognised and celebrated.

Trustee since: 19 December 2019