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How lawyers respond to stress

Another insightful blog from our member LawCare: When our bodies tell us that all is not well, do we listen? Many professionals, when faced with unpleasant symptoms, push those warning signals aside in their desire to appear completely confident and competent as they continue in their high-pressure career. I was… Read More

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A day in the life of Child Bereavement UK helpline

Reading this moving blog post by our member, Child Bereavement UK, emphasises how vital helplines are in providing immediate support at the very time of need. Child Bereavement UK has 21 years’ experience in supporting families and educating professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is… Read More

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NHS pledges £1bn to improve mental health care, but local helplines face closure due to funding cuts

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb speaks out against local closure of helpline providing mental health support. The NHS has recently promised that people facing a mental health crisis will be able to get effective care 24 hours a day, seven days a week as part of the biggest transformation of… Read More

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Thinking of setting up a helpline?

Helplines are an increasingly important way of reducing the strain on existing services and this has led to an increase in contact volumes received by helplines across the UK (Read our research blog). Setting up a helpline isn’t something to be entered into lightly. Thinking about every aspect of your… Read More

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Charity trustees and leaders warned on fundraising activities

Key government report into charity fundraising practices has highlighted a number of concerning areas of charity governance and gives organisations their ‘last chance’ on self-regulation. Charity fundraising is a big issue. In the summer of 2015, questions started to be asked in the media about people receiving unwanted mail and… Read More

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