Clodagh Crowe

Clodagh Crowe

Which organisation do you work for and what is your role?
I work for Rural Support, a Northern Ireland based helpline set up in 2001 to support farming families. My role is Service Co-ordinator and includes managing a regional farm business mentoring service. I am currently Chair of Helplines NI, a member-led network of over 30 Northern Ireland based helplines established by the Public Health Agency in 2013.

What inspires you?
Collaborating with positive, like-minded people.

How would you like to make a difference?
This is a tricky one as my answer will vary depending on which hat I’m wearing. However, I believe that everything we do as service providers must be driven by need and have the service users’ interests at the heart of it. Services need to focus on quality and sustainability and partnership working is a key part of that. I would like to ensure that more people know how to access the support that’s out there.

What motivated you to become a Helplines Partnership Trustee
Having been a member of HLP for many years I really valued the services our organisation has benefitted from but it was, put simply, the quality of the staff team that made me want to get involved. The expertise, knowledge and commitment of the team members I have met made such an impression that I wanted to get involved in this way. I hope I can contribute in a meaningful way to the ongoing success of the organisation and maybe bring a few ideas from Northern Ireland to the table!

Trustee since: 6 December 2019