Annika Howard

Annika Howard

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The variety of things I get to do in it and the opportunity to learn about and share the work of organisations that, in many cases, can be life-changing for the people they work with.

How would you like to make a difference?
To help get the message out there that if you, or someone you know, needs help, advice or information when you are ready to talk there are organisations that can help.

What are your top 3 values?
1. Learning – It’s so important to me to keep learning, investigating, asking questions and being curious.
2. Kindness – Thinking about how I do what I do if there is a kind way to do it always do it that way. There’s no need for nastiness.
3. Stability – To strive to achieve it and provide it.

Joined the Helplines Partnership team: 9 January 2018

Posts by Annika

Coronavirus Message from Paula Ojok, CEO at Helplines Partnership

Coronavirus – Helplines supporting each other illustration of people with headsets

Coronavirus – Helplines supporting each other Increased pressures are being placed on the helpline sector due to the coronavirus. It’s clear, that over the coming weeks our working and home-life practices will be changing. The government advises that people need to start working from home if they possibly can. At… Read More

AI and Machine Learning for Helplines

Glasses on desk in front of computer screen with AI code

Advice Direct Scotland provides free and independent advice to the citizens of Scotland. The online identity of Advice Direct Scotland is Conor Forbes, Creative Lead, explains how as an organisation they use artificial intelligence (AI) to support the work of their helpline service’s contact channels. Our organisation has an… Read More

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Real Talk – Conversations that save lives

Real Talk – Conversations that save lives

We were joined at our 2019 Conference by Stella Comber and Alex Harvey, from Grassroots, who hosted the seminar ‘Reducing the numbers – Real Talk – suicide prevention awareness’. In the final of a series of blog posts from the day we explore the topic and discussions that took place… Read More

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Strength in Numbers – Reflecting on Helplines Partnership Annual Conference 2019

Helplines Partnership Annual Conference 2019 - Strength In Numbers

It was fantastic to see so many members at our Conference on 6 November in Birmingham. The day was an opportunity to celebrate with all the organisations and individuals who won awards, learn from our seminar hosts and guest speakers and recognise and reflect on the incredibly valuable services that… Read More

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Helpline Awards - Helpline Employee of the Year 2019

Helpline Employee of the Year 2019 - Pat McBride, The Pituitary Foundation

We spoke to Pat McBride, winner of the 2019 Helpline Employee of the Year Award about what winning means and the work of The Pituitary Foundation. First-hand experience I’ve been most privileged to work for The Pituitary Foundation for the past 20 years. As a pituitary patient from 1986, there… Read More

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